Feeling the Urgency

As I spend more time with my Dad, I realize that the same stories come up again and again.  They are the stories of his life.  Everything seems to be rooted in the oral tradition, the stories, the people, and the place.  The Kiowa Oral Tradition is centered on the telling of a history and of a people, and passing these stories to the next generations.


My father’s legacy is based on the telling and retelling of these stories through language, poetry, myth and legend.  It is his way of expressing who he is.  My father, N. Scott Momaday is “The Man Made of Words.”

This fall my aunt passed away. Aunt Christine was a Kiowa elder, great-granddaughter of Sitting Bear and a captivating storyteller. We have some footage with her but it's a tiny portion of the wealth that passed with her. These elders, including my father, are not here forever. The oral tradition stories have survived for generations. It's important to pass them to future generations. The Kiowa hold extensive teachings about keeping balance in the world. My goal is to learn from these stories and pass this wisdom forward. We know film is a good way to convey the meaning in the ancient stories.  My father has been involved in film since the 1980s. Today people turn to visual media more and more. With our film headed to a potential PBS audience of 122 million viewers, we want to broadcast a message of hope for the future.

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  • Return To Rainy Mountain Film posted about Feeling the Urgency on Return To Rainy Mountain Film's Facebook page 2015-02-26 10:01:24 -0700
    Feeling the Urgency - Jill Momaday tells about her family and Kiowa legacy .... the stories that make the film >>
  • commented 2015-02-03 18:40:38 -0700
    I’m of the same family of N. Scott Mammeday. My grandma Hazel is close relative to his grand parents. His dad is my uncle Al Mammaday. Good call on the stories for a documentary. Aho